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PostSubject: :::...KinG--JaGGa--Rulz..:::   Wed Sep 05, 2007 12:17 pm

No Racism/No Flame
*Be friendly to each other. Introduce yourself as possible. Treat each other as a family member in your home. Don't start any fight and it is forbidden to use offensive words to anybody. If we caught you a warning will be given.
*Dont fight with Administrators and Moderators.If you have any problem with any of our staff,use the private message system for that. If you can't fix it,the Admins will finalize the problem.

*Use only one username in this forum. ArmY-BoYs we can see your information. If we caught you having more than one identity,we will ban your other accounts.

Speak English
*This is an international forum. Members have different nationality, so we strictly asking you to talk in english. If we caught you posting in other language than english, expect your post to be deleted without your information

Posting Rules (Must Read Clearly)
>>>>>Dont Spam
*No thanks post! In replying to any thread we never allow you to say "thank you or any similar to that" ..We must appreciate but in a good way like testing the program and posting the real comment. Posting "thank you" is consider as a spam. Your post will be deleted.

>>>>>Dont Post Dirty Links!
*We never tolerate Trojans,Backdoors and PWStealer here. If your post is a keylogger or any PWStealer,make sure that you will warn the members to use it at their own risk. Before posting any links,scan them first in [color=#4c91c1]
or [color:2070=#4c91c1:2070] .No toleration for the infection here.

>>>>> Search!
*In opening a new topic, be sure that you will make a search to see whether it has been posted or not. The search function will be seen in the upper right corner of each forum thread.

>>>>> Post in The Right Section!
*Booters are in booter section,tools are in tools section..We are no longer any kid here. We know what is right and what is wrong. Any topic posted in the wrong section will be move without any further notice. And if you see that the topic that you want to share is opened and yours is updated version, post reply in the same topic.

>>>>> Make a Proper Tittle!
*Don't confuse our moderators. Choose the accurate tittle for your program. Post some descriptions and screenshots as possible. Wrong tittles will be editted.

>>>>> No Advertising!
*You are not allow to advertise your site in the main forum. Make it in the site promotion section. Don't post any program and it will direct us to another site then it will ask for registration. It is forbidden!
Upload your files in [color=#4c91c1]
, , , [color:2070=#4c91c1:2070] and other familiar uploading site.

>>>>> No Porn Materials!
*This forum is build for educational purposes and to have some fun. This is not a porn forum! Don't post anything related to porn. (pictures,videos,etc) . Your post will be deleted.

If you are having problem or errors with our forum. Feel free to post it in administration section. Don't use the private message system for the administration , no response will be expected.

cheers x-----------JaGGa-----------x____cheers
affraid ___||------KinG--||_______affraid
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